Turn Your Expertise & Super Power Into A Profitable Podcast

This ultimate get-it-done podcasting bootcamp is designed to help you plan, create and launch your very own podcast, market your brand, and add multiple streams of income in the process!

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Listen! You’ve been thinking about that podcast idea of yours for WAY too long… It’s time to bring it to life!

We get it: your life and career are so incredibly busy. And this will often leave you questioning if it’s the right time, the right idea, and if you’re the right person to create your podcast now. Those questions usually lead you to dwell in 10,000 ‘what if’ scenarios, that ends up delaying you from doing anything. And your dream of building a successful podcast and a compatible offering(s) inevitably gets you to push everything to the back burner, again and again.

Before you know it, months (maybe years?) have passed, and it’s still “just an idea.” Not anymore. 
There is no better time to get started than right now! The podcast industry is booming… As of 2022, podcast listeners as a group have grown 29.5% in the last three years. There are currently 120 million podcast listeners in the U.S., and industry experts predict there will be over 160 million podcast listeners by 2023.

Continue Reading If You Are Ready For More Progress In A Weekend Than You’d Make In Months Or Years Doing This On Your Own.

Imagine getting crystal clear on your podcast concept: everything from your show idea and format,  your theme and topics, to the void in your market and community that you can capitalize on immediately … all the way down to how you can pitch your show and offerings to begin earning multiple streams of income! 

We’ll help you to validate that you’re reaching the right people, with the right content, at the right time. We’ll guide you through how to map out your content in a way that creates momentum, awareness, impact and revenue.

And imagine having all you’ll need to get this done in just a few weeks… even if you don’t consider yourself a “techie” or audio geek.

By the way, while this bootcamp will absolutely provide you the hands-on experience and instruction to know how to record, edit and publish your audio, this training is so much more than that. You’ll learn about (and how to) execute on the operations, marketing and especially the things you’ll need AFTER you’ve launched your podcast.

This comprehensive podcasting bootcamp is going to deliver the most modern-day podcast framework… and it’s designed to entertain and educate you and help you make way more progress and reach far more targeted people with your content.

Imagine how good it’s going to feel when you’ve launched your very own top ranked podcast?

BuildYourPodcast™ is Designed to Move You Across The Finish Line and Get Your Podcast Planned, Created, And Launched… Quickly!

We’ve broken this weekend bootcamp down into three actionable phases:  Phase 1: The Plan, Phase 2: Create Your Own, and Phase 3: Launch and Publish — we will help you get your podcast up and running in just a few weeks while upleveling the experience for your guests and community.

Phase 1: The Plan

Our Method to Navigate The Concept and Planning Process

We’ll guide you through our method to layout your podcast concept, and a thorough checklist to begin planning every essential step. You’ll have real time instruction, guidance and our proven workflow, to ensure you lay the right foundation and don’t make any critical errors.

$997 value

Phase 2: Create Your Own

Create and Deliver Your Own Valuable & Desirable Content

It’s time to create. We’ll discuss best practices for creating your content. And you’ll learn all the elements you’ll need to stand out from the crowd and provide your listeners what they’ve been wanting most. We’ll also discuss where and how to leverage other tools and resources (i.e. royalty free music) for your content. 

$997 value

Phase 3: Launch & Publish

Drive Massive Momentum For Your Show Right From The Start

Access our tried and true launch plan and a proven marketing strategy that gets you immediate momentum, awareness and engagement. You’ll learn step by step how to use this exact strategy to skyrocket to a top ranked show inside the various podcast directories.

$997 value

Nearly $3,000 in value!

*Limited time offer. Price subject to change.


In Phase One: The Plan, you’ll learn our proven method for creating a rock-solid foundation and being prepared to finally put your ideas into action.

Phase One: The Plan

Our proven method will take you through the concept and planning process

Since 2016, Podcast and Marketing Expert Stephen A. Hart has been working intimately with thousands of content creators, business owners, authors, speakers, coaches and leaders to transform what they know, love, and do into a successful personal brand and podcast. In Phase One: The Plan, Stephen will walk you through the foundational components that every successful podcaster must have. You’ll learn how to…

  • Clarify Who You’ll Be Serving
  • Define The Problem You’ll Solve
  • Picking your Format and Theme(s)
  • Quickly Validate Your Idea
  • Know Your Competition and ‘The Gap’ 
  • Naming Your Podcast
  • Confirming Your Equipment & Software Needs
  • Structure & Organize Your First 5 episodes
  • Map Out Your First Season / Episodes
  • Defining Your Recording and Guest Best Practices
  • Outlining Episode Flow / Mapping
  • Defining Launch Date and Optimal Episode Release Dates


In Phase Two: Create, we’ll teach you how to create your own amazing content and unforgettable experiences for your community. We’ll help you bypass all the mistakes that other podcasters make.

Phase Two: Create Your Own

Learn How To Create Your Own Valuable and Entertaining Content That Your Community Will Love AND Share Repeatedly

This is where the magic happens! You’ll learn all our tips, tricks and tactics to create, organize and publish high quality content that gets your community fired up, entertained and wanting to share with others like them. 

And here’s the thing: You don’t need elaborate equipment or a high budget editing team to get this done. 

You’ll also learn the absolute biggest pain points for listeners that will have them leave seconds into your episodes and if these pain points show up … they’ll leave and many will never return. 

And this is where things get exciting. Not only are you going to learn what to do and what not to do, but you’ll also gain access to our premium podcast templates and workflows, so that all you have to do is add your content and be ready to go!

You’ll have all you need to create the best content that will attract your target audience quickly and easily!  

Phase 3: Launch & Publish

You’ll learn what to do to generate massive momentum right from the start.

You’ll learn our proven marketing plan, strategy and be ready to execute against the plan for massive momentum, awareness and engagement. 

  • SEO strategy
  • Social Media Plan
  • Video Strategy
  • Email Series
  • Using Gamification For Growth
  • Planning a Live Launch Event
  • Our Secret Scheduling Formula
  • BYP Guest Leverage Plan
  • The Repurposing Strategy
  • Winning Website Method


This bootcamp is authored and taught by Stephen A. Hart

Stephen A. Hart is the founder of Isles Media, LLC, and host of the top rated Trailblazers.FM podcast.


He’s featured over 250+ successful Black entrepreneurs and leaders, on his podcast and live show broadcasts, reaching his Blazer Nation community in over 150 countries.

Stephen A. Hart is a sought-after podcast producer who has created, planned and launched multiple corporate branded shows including Cloud Ace and Blueprint, and selected to the first ever cohort of LinkedIn’s first 100 Creator Accelerator program.

The Tools & Know-How To Get Your Podcast Launched & Reaching Your People … Plus, Loaded with The Right Bonuses To Help Make This Process Even Easier

With BuildYourPodcast™, you’ll have everything you need to get your podcast up and running FAST.

But Wait… There’s More!

Our BuildYourPodcast™ weekend bootcamp is loaded with bonuses to help you get your podcast launched, and keep you moving forward… faster!


Messaging Template Library

You’ll gain access to our podcast messaging library, loaded with all our messaging assets we use over and over in our podcasts. You’ll have a vast library of messaging examples you can put to immediate use.

$397 value


6-weeks of Live Office Hours

Even after your bootcamp, there will be questions and we’ve got you covered. This is your chance to continue to connect with our community and ask virtually anything!

You’ll have access to our live office hours for six (6) weeks following your bootcamp, to help you eliminate any road blocks and keep things moving quickly. This is all about SPEED and PROGRESS! 

$497 value


Instant Lifetime Access to the BuildYourPodcast™ Online Portal

Our weekend bootcamp is amazing!

But what happens after the bootcamp is over! Well, what will happen is you’re going to have access to a platform that’ll have recordings of all the content from your bootcamp PLUS you’ll have more on demand content, playbooks, tools, and insider trainings you’ll need to continue to move quickly toward your podcast launch, community growth and monetization tactics.

And we’ll remove the time restrictions. Yesss! You’ll have lifetime access to this space, so you can always come back for a refresh and to access things you’ll need when you need them most. 

$697 value

Over $4,500+ In Value for Just $697

Get in before the price goes up!

From Idea To Done. No Tech Skills Needed!

This bootcamp is designed to help you make massive progress toward launching your podcast… even if you’re starting from scratch.

And by the way, if you already have a podcast, you’ll still have the opportunity to learn how to improve the experience so your listeners get better content, that’s valuable, entertaining and actionable. If this bootcamp helps you learn some growth and monetization tactics and techniques, then it will pay for itself again and again.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’re happy to help answer them.

What is BuildYourPodcast™?
BuildYourPodcast™ is a program designed to guide anyone through a proven process to plan, create, and launch their own podcast. It begins with a 5-hour weekend bootcamp with live virtual training and hands-on labs, and includes an on-demand portal and 6-weeks of additional weekly live office hours to help provide additional support.

When does this podcasting bootcamp start?
The next BuildYourPodcast™ weekend bootcamp is scheduled to begin on Saturday, January 21st, 2023.

Is this bootcamp taught in-person or virtual?
The weekend bootcamp is a virtual, live instruction. There will be no in-person training for this scheduled training.

Is this training pre-recorded?
The weekend bootcamp is taught virtually, in real time, allowing for real time instruction, interaction and engagement with the cohort.

Will there be replays for live training sessions?
Yes. All sessions of the weekend bootcamp will be recorded and immediately uploaded to the BYP portal for your access via video, audio and full transcripts.

Who is Stephen A. Hart?
Stephen A. Hart is a podcaster, marketing leader, and an entrepreneur. He is the founder/host of the Trailblazers.FM podcast, founded in Feb 2016. He’s also a producer and creator of two corporate podcasts, Blueprint and Cloud Ace. Stephen is a well respected industry speaker and has delivered keynotes at Podcast Movement and other podcasting events.

Are there payment plans for this offer?
Presently, there are no payment plans. You will be required to make payment in full at the time of purchase.

What payment options do you support?
All major credit cards are accepted.

What is the cancellation / refund policy?
Students can cancel and request a refund up through end of day on Friday, January 20th 2023. No refunds will be issued once the weekend bootcamp begins on Saturday, January 21st 2023.

When are the bonuses released?
Bonuses are released following the weekend bootcamp. You will receive unrestricted access to all bonuses and on-demand trainings in your BuildYourPodcast™ portal.

When are the live office hours?
Live office hours will take place on Fridays at 2pm ET. All office hour sessions are open to students of the bootcamp for 6-weeks, ending on Friday, March 3, 2023.

Where can I ask questions during Build Your Podcast?
You are encouraged to ask as many questions throughout your time in our program. You’ll have access to your guides and cohort, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you learn all you can, and be positioned for an outstanding podcast launch.

Is there a Build Your Podcast Community Group?
Yes. You will be provided details on how to access our community group during the weekend bootcamp on Saturday, January 21st.

When does this offer expire?
This offer to take part in this cohort ends on Friday, January 20th OR when all seats have been filled. We are limiting access to this event, to ensure we can meet the needs of all our students. We recommend securing your seat quickly, before it’s sold out. There is no guarantee that future class offerings will happen at the same price.

What happens at the end of the six weeks of Live Office Hours?
Following the conclusion of our 6-weeks of live office hours, you will have an opportunity to join a permanent, ongoing community at a reduced membership fee. More details will be provided in week 4 of the program.

What if I’m not good with technology? Is this something I can do?
The great news is that you DO NOT need to be a ‘techie’ to be a successful podcaster. In fact, you really don’t need much equipment or editing skills anymore. We are going to share several options for workflows and you can pick what works best based on both your budget, and your comfort.

Have additional questions about BuildYourPodcast™?
Feel free to email stephen@stephenahart.com with additional questions.

Here’s a recap of what’s included in BuildYourPodcast™:

Phase One: The Plan

Our Proven Method to Lay The Right Foundation For A Successful Podcast and Media Brand.

Phase Two: Create Your Own

Create and Deliver Your Own Valuable & Desirable Content That Your Community Will LOVE & Share

Phase Three: Launch & Publish

Generate Massive Momentum Right From The Start.

Bonus 1:

Messaging Template Library

Bonus 2:

6-weeks of Live Office Hours

Bonus 3:

Lifetime Access to the BuildYourPodcast™ Portal

More Than $4,500+ In Value 

*Value based on comparable online training programs on the market.

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Offer Terms

This limited time Build Your Podcast offer is only valid from November 20, 2022 to January 20, 2023 at 11:59 PM ET. Price of Build Your Podcast is subject to increase following this promotion. Prices are in USD only. The offer cannot be combined with any other Isles Media offers or promotions. Refunds for Build Your Podcast are unavailable once the weekend bootcamp has begun on January 21, 2023. You can cancel any time before the weekend bootcamp begins, by contacting stephen@stephenahart.com